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Below are Change Happens Community Development Corporation's current developed real estate holdings. For properties for rent, please visit the Available Rentals page. You can also view and receive updates on our properties currently being constructed under the Coming Soon page.



The Change Happens CDC Headquarters is a 27,000 square foot building, constructed in 2005. The headquarters currently serves as the epicenter for providing affordable housing to various communities in Houston. This building has also housed more than 30 programs that provide community outreach. These programs include Capacity Development, Unhoused Prevention & Intervention, Youth Character Development, Youth Drug Prevention & Intervention, HIV/AIDS Prevention & Intervention, Affordable Care Act Navigation, and Youth Pregnancy Abstinence. 

In addition to providing social services to the community, the headquarters also leases space and short-term rentals for corporations and small businesses. There is currently about 6,000 square feet of office space available for long-term leasing. The building's parking lot, boardrooms, library, and playground is available for corporate events, birthday parties, reunions, revivals, and much more!

Originally, the building was designed for only two floors but Rev. Smith decided to add a third floor, even when funds were not available. When the building finished construction, the building was fully paid for, debt free. 

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BSR Village

Beulah, Sampson, and Rosalie Village is a community that consists of 12 single-family shotgun houses and a duplex, located directly behind Change Happens CDC's Headquarters. These 12 units and duplex were Change Happens CDC's initial properties to provide affordable housing to residents of Third Ward, Houston, TX.


Rising rents in the area are quickly pricing out residents who have lived in the area their entire lives.  These 12 homes were the CDC's first step to combat gentrification with neighborhood revitalization. The units are renovated about every 5 years to maintain the units and keep up with changing trends.


This sprawling community is minutes from Downtown Houston, University of Houston, Texas Southern University, the Medical Center, Midtown, EaDo, East River, and so much more! This City block has plans to eventually become a 200+ unit multi-family apartment building.

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