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"Following last year’s streak of Haiti-related crises — a presidential assassination, earthquake, a migrant emergency at the Mexico-U.S. border and a dramatic consolidation of gang violence — international policymakers were left grappling with the possibility that Haiti was in the initial stages of a full-scale humanitarian crisis. The further deterioration of the Haitian polity in the early months of 2022 has only confirmed that the country has passed that grim milestone."

- New York Times


Change for haiti

Change Happens CDC and Rev Leslie Smith II are committed to aiding Haiti and Haitians mitigate poverty, corruption, and violence in the nation of Haiti. The country has been ravaged by natural disasters, political unrest, and gang violence. Change Happens CDC and Rev Smith has supported Haitians through preaching, teaching, providing social services, and humanitarian efforts. Change Happens CDC stands with the Haitian people and aims to provide affordable housing to the country of Haiti.

Monuments of Haiti
Image by Claudia Altamimi

Beautiful Haiti

Despite the negative portrayals that media uses to skew perceptions of the country, Haiti is very beautiful. Rolling picturesque hills, white sandy beaches, scenic coastlines, vibrant Caribbean culture. Haiti is a tourist destination that demands the attention that it deserves.

Image by Claudia Altamimi
Image by Patrice S Dorsainville
Image by Claudia Altamimi
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Image by Claudia Altamimi
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