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Image by Tom Rumble

Neighborhood Revitilization

Brick by brick, house by house, city block by city block.

Change Happens CDC develops dilapidated homes for complete renovation, and vacant lots for new construction single-family and multi-family homes. We acquire prime real estate one lot at a time, through direct sales, auctions, grants, and donations, to transform neighborhoods that were once neglected. Our efforts also bring social services, new businesses, and economic stability to areas that would be abandoned or gentrified.

Neighborhood Revitalization vs. Gentrification

A gentrifying neighborhood will see new residents, with money, who focus on "reinvesting resources for greater returns" such as home flippers. Gentrifying neighborhoods will also see a demographic shift as property values rise, with wealthier white residents replacing poorer minority residents.

Revitalizing neighborhoods, on the other hand, take a more community-oriented approach to economic and demographic shifts. These neighborhoods will see more new businesses in the area, which support, instead of replace, the existing residents and attract more affluent buyers to the area.

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