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We provide affordable housing to Low-to-Moderate Income residents.


Making change happen in the Houston Metropolitan Area. Our focus is to take dilapidated blocks and transform them.


We acquire real estate and make change happen. Whether it is renovations or new construction, we buy lots and lands solely for improvement. 



Available Rental Properties




In 1983, Rev Leslie Smith II dreamed he purchased 3 crack houses and renovated them. Once renovated, he began to counsel, educate, preach and give out information that caused people to line up outside because they saw people come in one way, and left changed. In the same dream, Rev Smith dreamed he built a building, and the process repeated itself but tripled. Tens of thousands of people gathered all around the building trying to get in the building because people were leaving changed. In 1994, those crack houses were purchased thus creating the foundation for the Change Happens Community Development Corporation.





















Change Happens CDC’s main campus is location in the Third Ward approximately 2.5 miles south of the central business district, downtown .  The Third Ward community encompasses a population of approximately 15,463 residents, 79% of whom are African American.  Change Happens CDC also maintains low income housing units among Houston’s greatest at-risk neighborhoods.


Targeted Programs and Services


•    Housing Rehabilitation

•    Small Business Lending and Business  Training / CDFI

•    Rental Assistance

•    Home Ownership Centers

•    Affordable Housing Development

•    Energy Conservation


Since that dream, Change Happens CDC has purchased and renovated in excess of 50 crack, drug-infested homes in what is called "Crack Alley" and "The Bottom" of Third Ward, Houston. In 2001, there was a noted need of community development specifically designed for and targeting the hardest hit, greatest at-risk areas of Houston , TX. This need was not only for well constructed, low income, living and the rehabilitation of drug-infested, dilapidated homes in this area; it also included a need for high quality, retail, business and service oriented structures. In 2003, that need was brought to light and culminated with the creation of Change Happens CDC and it’s initial venture, a new 27,000 square foot three story building that was in the 1983 dream, that would serve as the headquarters for Change Happens! and the numerous community services they provide.

Do Dreams Come True? ABSOLUTELY!


Upcoming Projects

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3353 Elgin Street

Houston, TX 77004

Tel: 713.374.1200



Mon - Thurs: 8am - 6pm

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